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Lights go out at Rays\' Tropicana Field

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Update time : 2020-02-10 00:06:29

It’s no secret that the Tampa bay Rays dine had some attendance woes, still during we didn’t fairly conceive they were at the “last one out grow out the lights” point.

In the ninth inning of Sunday’s series ender with the New York Yankees, the lights at Tropicana field suddenly winked out. still there was enough ambient glitter from the sunshine outer ought own the dome from going totally dark, it naturally wasn’t enough ought own the field playable:

Credit the Tampa bay fans, though, because trying their darnedest ought alter up with a solution, using their jail phones parallel they were at a concert:

The Yankees were main 3-1 at the time, and proceeded ought score another four runs at the climax of the ninth back the half-hour delay. The Rays fans perhaps need the lights had stayed out.

After the game, the Rays released a statement saying that a might outage at Tropicana was caused by “a failure of a major switch into the building,” which sounds important.


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