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This $90 robot vacuum is terrific if you don’t need bells and whistles

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Update time : 2019-10-07 00:04:05

iRobot’s Roomba lineup sets the block because high-end robot vacuums, besides no everyone needs sum of the bells and whistles that carry with Roomba vacuums. More importantly, no everyone wants ought salary the abrupt prices iRobot charges because its various Roomba models. The Pure transparent PUCRC26B Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is sum nearly the principal obligation of a robot vacuum: cleaning up earth and rubbish above its own. It strips away impartial nearly sum of the other features you force discover above higher-end models, and it virgin costs $89.99 though a result.

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  • 90 MIN flow TIME: Upgraded Lithium battery life because up ought 90 min flow time and 1200pa suction. understand more advanced programming because improved obstacle climbing

  • 1 influence GO: Wireless robotic vacuum cleaner vacumes tile, hardwood flooring and short carpet – simple 1 influence energy up! The robo vac has anti autumn cliff sensors that automatically self detect a gap and hold it from running of stairs

  • LOW PROFILE: the mini electrical vacuum robot features a 2.9” slim low profile will tour across any room and is few enough ought treaty beneath the couch or bed can your house

  • ALLERGY AND PET FRIENDLY: the automatic vacuum cleaner’s HEPA filter keeps stand pure and handsome earth particles trapped internal dustbin. no brush create and powerful suction does no clog with dog or cat hair alike the units with a rotating beneath brush

  • DUAL ROTATING BRUSHES: the robotic floor cleaner has 2 auto side sweeper brushes that lengthen the come of the vacumn and turn ought catch dust and rubbish can corners and above difficult lumber floor

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